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Chairs are used for a variety of reasons, some are used to study while some are used on a dinner table. It is easily one of the most ‘taken for granted’ pieces of furniture. It is as integral to any setting and the most ubiquitous piece of furniture you will ever see. Chairs from Garnet Furniture also comes in a variety of materials including: Sheesham Wood, Fabric, Metal with Fiber, Leather, Solid Wood, Air Leather, Tempered Glass, Art Leather and Fiber, to name a few.

Garnet’s Chairs has the following materials for its frames: Aluminum, Cast Iron, MDF, Mild Steel, Plastic, Foam, Solid Wood, Stainless Steel, Wrought Iron and more.

Some of the types of chairs available are: Lounge Chairs, Recliners, Rocking chairs, Accent chairs, Designer chairs, Bar stools, Dining chairs, office study chairs, living room chairs, outdoor chairs and Benches, to mention a few. Chair is such an essential piece of furniture that its applications can be found anywhere. In fact, a few chairs is more than enough to make a room look alive.

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