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Welcome To Garnet Furniture & Decoration Co.wll

Garnet Furniture combines years of experience of its founders in the furniture industry to create a company that has skilled craftsmen with the right amount of expertise and a stellar customer support team that helps in matching the needs of the customers. We take care of all your furniture needs from the initial stage of choosing furniture to installation of the said furniture in your home or office. Garnet Furniture specializes in bespoke office and home furniture that ranges from executive desk, workstations, coffee tables, conference tables, reception table, sofa, safes and lockers, glass works, upholstery, fitouts and more. Garnet Furniture has the infrastructure and resources to support both big and small businesses. We also do designing and consulting services while taking care of your specialized furniture needs.

The furniture products that we have are unique and has its own style which makes us a force to reckon with in the furniture industry in Qatar while also helping us remain a favorite amongst our customers. We aim to provide quality home and office furniture in a clean and friendly environment at prices that are reasonable to our customers. The team at Garnet can help you with any kind of furniture requirements that you have at your end. Each client will be assigned an account manager who will take care of all the aspects of your furniture needs. We understand how important it is for us to listen to our customers, we strive to give the best possible service to our customers and are happy about how we have fared so far. The designs at Garnet range from traditional to contemporary, we have a vast range of suppliers who can offer any kind of bespoke furniture solution. Garnet Furniture believes that concentrating on the basics can go a long way in establishing ourselves as a market leader that customers like associating themselves with.

Here are the four principles that Garnet Furniture lives by:

At Garnet, we make sure that the customers receive only products that have gone through various rounds of quality checks. There are teams that work on ensuring this so that there are never any hiccups.

VFM (Value for Money):

Any customer who invests money on buying products for their needs wants to make sure that they get what they are paying for. We never want our customers to even think twice if they had got the best value for their money when they buy from us. We want to be the furniture manufacturer in Qatar who everyone reaches out to when they buy furniture, no matter what their budget is.

Customer Satisfaction:

While there are many apps to measure customer satisfaction these days, we are looking forward to keeping that number as high as possible without even having to send across emails asking for feedback. Meeting the expectations of the customers is an important area that we strive to get better at with each day.

Building relationships:

A customer needs to be nurtured not only because they might end up buying more from us in the future but also because they are a part of the Garnet Furniture family when they trusted in our service and brought our products. We respect that and would like to ensure a long-lasting relationship with them.