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Wall Cladding is the addition of a material like wall or plastic to make the wall look different or better. It can beautify the building and it can also improve the thermal, acoustical and performance of the daylight. While it helps with improving the aesthetic look of the building, it also helps with savings by addressing thermal and insulation issues. It protects the building by being fire resistant too.

The Wall Cladding facility provided by Garnet Furniture can be made by a wide range of materials including wood, metal, brick, aluminum, cement and more. Use the variety of designs and textures to suit tastes and expectations of the different stakeholders to create the maximum impact. The best thing about wall cladding is that it doesn’t affect the stability of the building as it is a non-structural material. A typical wall cladding would involve panels or boards that are fixed to the walls in different styles based on the requirements. In short, it is fixed to a wall and not bonded to a wall. The fact that it has the capability to change according to the weather conditions, it is a big boost for areas where the climate conditions are extreme. The experts at Garnet Furniture can work with your requirements and give you the optimal solution for wall cladding.