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Upholstery is providing a furniture with padding, fabrics, springs and other such materials that acts as a support. It is an important part when buying furniture as it acts as a support and the lack of good quality materials used as an upholstery can result in people either injuring themselves or feeling uncomfortable.

The upholstery options that Garnet Furniture provides are for the following: single sofa, double seater sofa, living room chairs, etc. Many customers opt for upholstered furniture because of the fine finishing the furniture has and also due to various other factors like color combination, furniture patterns and so on.

If you are using upholstered furniture, all you need to do is vacuum it every fortnight as it is low maintenance. Garnet Furniture offers you a plethora of options that is also available at all budgets and is a highly recommended addition to your living room. Upholstery requires quite a bit of skill and expertise, Garnet Furniture comes with loads of it and is more than willing to help you with different choices including leather, wooden frames, fabric and steel designs. You can choose cotton, nylon, polyester and wool for fabrics while we suggest using stain resistant fabric for it to last long.