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Make use of the extensive choices available with Garnet furniture to choose the type of flooring that you envisioned for your office or home. The different types of flooring available with us are: Raised access floors, vinyl flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, solid wood flooring, carpet flooring, soft furnishing, wooden flooring, steel access flooring, rugs, tile, resilient flooring, bamboo flooring- to name a few. These types of flooring give you years of wear and durability.

Most of our customers are conscious about the environment and Garnet Furniture even has ecological home flooring solutions for them which means that we make products whose raw materials are procured from ecologically protected areas. As one of the finest flooring suppliers in Qatar, we have an excellent collection of high quality flooring which is easy to install and comes with a multitude of choices. The team at Garnet Furniture will be able to walk you through the options available and tell you which will be the ones best suited for you.