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Have you ever heard of Standing working desk? Standing desks are used to work in a standing position. These standing desks are highly preferred for persons who suffer from back or spine pain due to prolonged sitting in working spaces. We all hear a new trendy slogan “Prolonged sitting is the New Smoking”. Prolonged sitting can increase the risk of heart failure, and lower life expectancy. Not only these health effects, but prolonged sitting can also cause diabetes, obesity, and weight gain. 

Recent advancements in technologies have brought us a new invention – A sit-stand Desk. This sit-stand desk comes to the market in the form of an electric standing desk in the countries like Doha. In Doha Electric standing desks are in higher demand and becoming popular among the workers due to their various positive health advantages.

Electric standing desks

Electrical standing desks are manufactured by using the adjustable height function of the desk electrically. The frames of these desks are basically ‘I’ and ‘L’ shaped.

The frames of the electric standing desk in Doha are made of either wood or steel. Components of the electrical desks are the frame, motor, lifting column, keypad, and tabletop. Recent Research on the electric standing desk has concluded that the electric desk mechanism provides good benefits for the worker’s health. These standing desks are widely used in architectural design places, computer desks, workstations, and also where the height of the table needs to be adjustable frequently. Standing electric desk adjustments are of 3 types. They are hand-held, counterbalanced, and electrical. In Recent times, Electrical desks in Doha have become most popular and considered very useful among the staff.

In general, the average time spent by the corporate workers is more than ten hours whether in the office or home office. Usually, all the people work in the sitting position, which causes severe health problems like headaches, neck pain, and backaches. These can be avoided by using a standing desk in which the sight view of the working person will be straightened according to the height of the person. 

Electric standing desks in Doha can be used in dual-position standup positions and also in a sitting position. 

DC motor used in these standing desks can be moved up and down smoothly with the help of a press button. Adjustment in the electrical desk is made by the Direct Current motor, which are of two types. these motors are the main aspect for adjusting the desk like raising, stopping, and lowering the height. They are brushed motor and brushless motor. Brushed motors are cheaper than brushless ones. But the brushed motor is slower with limited speed compared to the brushless one. A Brushless motor is more efficient than a brushed motor in which noise is much reduced than a brushed motor.  

Weight loading on the table is according to the height and capacity of the table made. This electric standing desk from Doha aids better usage of the table in the most compatible way. Electric wires are connected to the desk through an outlet, which enables the functioning of the standing electric desk. Another option used in these electric standing desks is the usage of batteries. These are of higher benefit when the power outlet is not near the desk. 

The electric standing desk reduces the risk of obesity which re caused by working in the sitting position for too long. Blood circulation is also increased. These health benefits from electric standing desks boost the concentration and increase the production level than normal.

Concluding that Electric standing desk from Doha has a great benefit, especially in terms of health than the normal forms of desks. They are of highly beneficial usage in the home offices and designing companies that have greater use for these tables.

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