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If you equip your employees with the right kind of furniture and technological devices, it will work wonders on them. But you can also add a little more charm to the office by using the floor space creatively. As one of the top furniture suppliers in Qatar, Garnet has worked with a lot of customers and have exciting ideas on how you can use the floor space for your space.

Here are our 8 tips on creative ways to use your floor space:

Custom Artwork:

The artwork on walls inspires creativity and pushes the right button in creating the perfect workspace for your employees. You can either use coloured photographs or black and white photographs to get the desired effect. These artworks will also talk a lot about your brand. Use quirky arts to inculcate that sense in your employees and to give an impression to your client that you have ample creative bandwidth. You can even paint your brand logo in different fonts to complement your artwork.

Use different types of flooring:

The kind of flooring that you use in the common area need not be similar to how your workspace looks. People love variety and flooring is one aspect where you can experiment a lot without turning off people. Use carpets to replenish some area while you can have wooden flooring on areas where there is a formal atmosphere required.

Decorative Lighting:

Lights can impact the mood of a room. It could be any type of room, no matter how serious it is, you can still make it look like a place that means business even while remaining quirky. Add different layers of lighting. It can create a warm and inviting feeling or provide an isolated area for employees to work.

Natural lighting is perfect, but it can also be a distraction. You need to know which lights should be allowed to enter by using curtains properly. Artificial lighting can help you to make smart choices. Standing lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, etc, can create interesting shades of space.

Add experiential space:

Lounge rooms, movie rooms, meditation studio, prayer rooms, nap rooms, game rooms, etc, can significantly improve the morale and productivity of your employees. Caring for the well-being of your employees is an extremely important thing to do. Even providing bean bags or space to play table tennis for your employees to play their hearts out means that you recognize the need for some kind of work-life balance that everyone craves for.

Flexible Seating:

Gone are the times when managers were allowed separate cubicles or and everyone else had a specific seat assigned to them. In this era of open workspaces, most employees swear by flexible seating. Your employees can either work on a formal desk or on a bean bag based on their mood. Create an atmosphere where your employees feel home while working from office. If there are unused spaces, try to use it as a place to accommodate new hires, visitors, etc.

Say no to the reception area:

There is a recent trend where a lot of businesses are doing away with the reception area. In the earlier days, reception area used to be important because if someone comes into the office, then they would need some direction as to where to go inside the office to find someone. In fact, you can use UI design to create a way for you to guide your clients without the help of a receptionist.

Perfect colour combination:

There are certain colours which are quirky, while some are plain without acting as a disturbance to the workspace. Colours like black, brown, shades of tan are neutral colours which are known to increase productivity while also keeping you less distracted. Blue is a colour that is loved by people as it is pleasing to the eyes. Colours like yellow stands for creativity, red stands for passion, purple stands for innovativeness, and so on. White is a neutral colour and is best when used as a backdrop.

Allocate a small budget:

Not all companies would be ready to invest their time in building comfortable and interesting working spaces for their employees. If you are reading this, we believe that you are planning to do so and we highly appreciate the fact that you care about your employees. The first thing that you need to do is allocate a budget for it.

It need not be high at all. You can build a terrific space with minimal resources. All you need to do is think in terms of furniture, storage alternatives, different utility for spaces, etc. Instead of getting help from outside contractors, you can also do it yourself. As an office furniture store in Qatar, we can assure you that it doesn’t take a huge budget to use your office space creatively.


Remember this, not always does changing the office environment means a complete overhaul of all the resources including furniture. All you need to do is work on the office space that you have. See if you can make minor changes. It could be as simple as getting a few quirky lamps, adding quotes on your wall, investing some time in do-it-yourself projects that can change the outlook of your office, and so on.

If you are looking for office furniture in Qatar, there is no better place than Garnet Furniture to take care of your needs.

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