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A filing cabinet is an essential thing in an office space, and one of the typical office furniture ones can find in every office. Not only filing cabinets are used in office space, in this 21st century it has been used for various spaces such as study hall, workplace, school lockers, staffrooms, administration department, and so on. Intrinsically the filing cabinet is used for storing applications, report cards, files & folders, documents, brochures, certificates, etc., These files are stored in a more organized way one can easily find out as and when required in a hassle-free manner. Generally, the files are arranged in different storing types;

  • Horizontal file
  • Vertical file
  • Lateral file
  • Shelf file

Horizontal file:
The horizontal filing cabinet in Qatar is generally used for storing the files such as paper documents that are in letter size and legal paper size. The documents are arranged one above the other in the order of date. The latest documents are placed on the top while the old one lies at the bottom.

Vertical file:
The vertical filing cabinets in Qatar are designed in such a way that the drawers are accessed and open from the shorter side. This vertical filing cabinet has a large number of drawers and the documents are arranged in front to back format. This kind of cabinet is mostly used in office space as it consumes less space than the horizontal filing cabinet in Qatar. This is most suitable for everyday office use.

Lateral file:
A lateral filing cabinet is a kind of horizontal filing cabinet system and is highly recommended for competitive environments. They are designed in such a way that it gives larger storage space and capacity than all other filing cabinets. With its effective mechanism, the lateral filing cabinet in Qatar stores any kind of documents and varied sizes such as folder, letter-size documents, legal-size and more. 

Shelf file:
The shelf filing cabinet has only shelves and no drawers. The shelf filing cabinet in Qatar is designed to be wider and shallow. This filing cabinet can be used as bookshelves, bookcases. They are typically used in pharmacies, libraries, hospital patient records, and so on.

filing cabinet Materials
Mostly the filing cabinets are made up of wood or metal.

Wood filing cabinet:
The wood filing cabinet is mostly used for residential purposes. They are of top-notch quality but the tedious thing is that it requires high maintenance. The cost of the wood filing cabinet is also high and requires utmost care when compared with the metal filing cabinet.

Metal filing cabinet:
The metal filing cabinet in Qatar is made up of steel – Galvanized steel and is highly durable and strong than wood. This filing cabinet is widely used in the account section, and maintaining records. Metal filing cabinets may not have a wood finish but there is plenty of designs and color available in the market. 

The filing cabinet use increases day by day as the workspace and lifestyle of the upgrade to the next level. They are also a beneficiary one for storing a large volume of documents and paper works. The also saves time as the documents can be easily found without any confusion as the documents are placed in the designated place and order. Incorporating the filing cabinet in Qatar office spaces reduces the chance of file loss and is the best way to secure the office or any kind of document. Storage filing cabinets of all shapes, sizes, and materials are available in the Garnet furniture shop in Qatar. 

The most used filing cabinet system is a metal cabinet with two drawers and is the classic one. They have a great advantage because of their compactness and resiliency. They can even be stored under the working desk. The two-drawer wood filing cabinet can also be used as a bedside table. When one which to buy a filing cabinet in Qatar make sure you choose the filing cabinet based on the functionality, features, and look! Nowadays plastic filing cabinets are also available in the Qatar furniture shops like Garnet Furniture. These plastic filing cabinets are also coming in different options, colors, and sizes. With the availability of the wider options of filing cabinet, choose the one that better suits your requirement and satisfy the look of the workspace. The cabinet appearance also matters!

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